With the constant changes to social media algorithms and the cost of paid ads, email marketing can be such a powerful and effective method to grow and nurture a following into supporters and paying customers. At the end of the day – if someone is willing to hand over their email address to you? It means that they value the content and insights you have to share and trust you enough to do the right thing with their personal data.

According to Oberlo, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect a ROI of $42 – that’s a heck of a ROI and clearly demonstrates just how effective email marketing can be for your business.

So it’s absolutely vital that you provide plenty of opportunities for people to sign up to your email list. Therefore if the only way people can sign up to your email list is via a pop-up form? You’re making it rather difficult to grow your list (true story: our founder Korii went on to a naturopath’s website and instantly clicked out of the pop-up that appeared… only to realise that she wanted to sign-up to her email list but couldn’t find another way to do so, woops).

Here are 8x additional places to add an email list sign-up form on your website:

1. A section on your home page

It’s really as simple as that. Add a section that’s not too high up on your home page (but also not too far down) and embed a sign-up form into this.

Provide a blurb that gives people an incentive to join your list. It could be as simple as getting the latest news about your brand. Or you could use this as an opportunity to provide an incentive such as a special offer or access to an exclusive download/lead magnet.

See below, you’ll see how the email sign-up form on our home page looks.

Screenshot of the email list sign-up section on the Moolah Digital home page.

2. As a consent tickbox on your contact form

That’s right, your contact form is a great opportunity to invite people to join your email list. It’s as simple as adding a tickbox on the form asking for that person’s consent to join your email list. If they tick the box, that’s great! You’ve got a new subscriber. If not? There’s no hard feelings.

Depending on who your email marketing provider is and what tools/plugins use on your website, there might be a bit of trickery required to get this set up so it’s all automatic – be sure to reach out to your website designer/developer to help out.

Bonus tip: If you have different types of contact enquiry forms on your website that are targeted at different groups of people, make sure to have specific tags applied or have people added to the appropriate list (e.g. if you have a list aimed at retailers who might want to stock your products, make sure you tag them as retailers or add them to a retailer specific list). This way you can ensure you’re sending personalised emails with content relevant to that person.

Below is an example of a contact form on our client Brook Gossen’s website, which has a tick box to invite people to join her email list.

Screenshot of Brook Gossen contact form with consent checkbox to sign up to her email list.

3. At the bottom of your blog posts.

This is a great opportunity to sign-up people who enjoy reading your content and further nurturing them. Ideally, you’d have a template set-up so that the sign-up form automatically appears at the end of each of your blog posts.

If you scroll to the bottom of this post (or just see the screenshot immediately below this), you’ll see that we’ve set up a sign-up form for people to join our list.

Screenshot of email list sign-up form at the bottom of the Moolah Digital blog posts.

4. On any sidebars on your website⁣

If you’re using sidebars on your website (generally popular on blogs), then make sure to have a sign-up form displayed within these.

An example is the Matusik Missive website who use a sidebar to display their website navigation along with an embedded email sign-up form, see below:

Screenshot of Matusik Missive website - email sign-up form in navigation sidebar.

5. (For eCommerce/online stores) At checkout

Email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo already do a great job at collecting customers’ details, enabling you to do some really cool, personalised things with your email marketing such as abandoned cart emails, post-purchase review requests and more.

However, if you are specifically wanting customers to join your email list to receive regular or periodic newsletters and offers, it’s absolutely vital that you get their explicit consent and this can be done by adding a tickbox on your checkout page, asking the customer if they would like to opt-in to your email list.

An example of a checkbox inviting people to join your email list at checkout below:

Screenshot from Brushwoods Australia checkout page where there's a tick box asking people if they'd like to join their email list.

6. A dedicated landing page for getting email sign-ups

This is a great option if you’d like to run a paid ad campaign and provide some sort of incentive or lead magnet to encourage people to hand over their email address.

If you’d like to make it easy for social media followers to join your email list, sharing a link to a specific page can be very handy (instead of just telling them to visit your website).

You can also get a bit creative and set-up a dedicated newsletter page that has a sign-up form information about what kind of emails you’ll send out and testimonials you might have from other subscribers. You can check out a great example of a dedicated newsletter sign-up page over on one of our client’s websites – Shelley Husband Crochet.

7. In your website footer

Your website footer is a great opportunity to have a sign-up form as it’s still easy to find but not in the way.

Keep your blurb short and sweet as you’ll have a lot less space in the footer than elsewhere on your site.

8. (For Instagram users) On your LinkTree/Bio Page

If you’ve created your own custom Instagram bio links page (or if you’re on a pro or premium plan on Linktree), then this is a great opportunity to add a sign-up form directly on your page to make it super simple for your Instagram followers to join your email list.

As you can see, there are SO many opportunities throughout your website to entice people to join your email list and take your email marketing efforts to the next level. Make sure to put aside some time to assess your website and identify places to capture email subscribers and make it as easy as possible for people to join your email list.

At Moolah Digital, we offer a range of email marketing services as part of our website design projects and for existing clients. If you would like to build a strong online presence that takes email marketing strategy into consideration, then make sure to get in touch with us today.

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