When we start out as business owners, there’s a lot to be said for getting things set-up with minimal costs and doing it yourself. We’ve all been there. And our websites and branding aren’t an exception to this rule.

And we seem to manage just fine – our homemade websites and Canva logos tide us over and do the job.

Then one day, we get to this point where we wake up and realise just how much our businesses have outgrown the DIY work and it’s time to make that call to invest in a stronger online presence (you can check out our blog post which goes more into depth about this here).

Or maybe the way you operate or the services you offer has changed so much that your website simply doesn’t reflect these changes.

Or maybe your website was so poorly set-up that if you attempt to make a tweak or fix, it just falls over into a hot mess.

Could it maybe be time to look at a website redesign for your business? What are the signs and when is it time to make that call?

Well friends, here’s 5x situations where it might be time for you to take that next step and invest in a website redesign.

1. Your website is not mobile responsive.

If you go and use your website on a mobile phone or tablet, what is the user experience like? Do you have to scroll across to read text? Or is the text all squashed up on one side of the screen? Is the font size appropriate for a smaller screen?

With mobile being such a prolific part of our lives, it is vital that your website is super user friendly on mobile.

Indeed, as part of determining your search engine ranking, Google looks at your website on mobile first.

So if your website is difficult to use on mobile or it loads a lot more slowly on a mobile data connection vs. wifi, then chances are you will be penalised by Google.

Take this as your sign to give your website a much needed refresh and get it all working spick and span on mobile.

2. The direction of your business has changed or your business has grown

This happens to a lot of business owners, including ourselves. Things change – whether they be your priorities in life, your interests and passions and your skills and knowledge.

When you started out in business, you may have worked with a whole range of clients regardless of industries. Over time, you’ve managed to refine this and get a lot clearer on who you want to work with and really niche down.

Or perhaps you’ve made considerable changes to your service offerings. Where once upon a time you may have offered a whole lot of low-priced services, these days you might only provide premium-level offerings (at a premium price).

Whilst you might have started out as just a one-man/one-woman show, these days you might have a real dream team behind you.

If your website does not reflect any of the changes and growth your business has undertaken over time? Then a website redesign is definitely in order.

3. You’re undergoing a rebrand.

Kind of obvious but if your website is undergoing a rebrand, then this could be the perfect opportunity to completely redesign your website!

And we don’t just mean swapping out the colours, fonts and imagery, although this can be a good starting point if you just want to take incremental steps.

But why not take this as an opportunity to fully assess how your website has been performing from a traffic and sales/lead-generation point of view as well as an opportunity to overhaul your website copy and make sure it reflects your rebrand and resonates with the audience you are trying to target moving forward.

Check out our blog post packed full of tips for running an audit of your website.

4. Your website is too difficult to maintain.

This can often be the case if your website was built a long time ago (think 5+ years ago) or if the developer set things up exceptionally complicated, meaning you aren’t able to make updates yourself.

Perhaps you weren’t given any training and so if you do want to make updates to your site, you’re reliant on a developer to do these for you.

If it’s becoming too much of a headache to update your own website, no matter how good it looks, then it might be worth getting it rebuilt so that it’s maintainable and easy to update in the long run. As part of this process, it’s vital that you get the training you need to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to make updates yourself in future.

At Moolah Digital, we provide walkthrough videos for our clients showing them out to make updates to their websites themselves – at the end of the day, when business owners have the power to make changes? Everyone wins!

5. You are simply having too many issues with your website

You make an update and your website crashes. Everything loads slowly. The contact form doesn’t work. There are broken links all OVER the show.

If you’re forever having issues with your website, then rather than spend a whole lot of time doing fixes and tweaks to get it to a workable state, it can often be more cost efficient (and less stressful) to just get the entire thing rebuilt.

And as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can see this as your sign to identify opportunities to really improve your online presence and ramp things up. Now that’s something to get excited about!

In Summary

We get it. You may have invested a whole lot of money into your website and are reluctant about investing any more.

You might think just getting a few fixes will do the job – except that sometimes doing fixes on top of an already badly built website just masks the issues, it rarely ever solves them properly.

However, don’t stress! Think of a website redesign as an exciting opportunity to have a marketing tool that works for you and your business, that talks to your ideal client and will generate the right leads and sales and will be much easier to maintain in the long run.

At Moolah Digital, we absolutely LOVE website redesigns and treating this as the opportunity to start with a clean slate and do some really cool and exciting things. If you’re considering a website redesign for your business, we’d love for you to reach out to us!

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