Did you DIY your website? Or did you get someone on the cheap to build one for you when you first started out in business?

Have you now reached a point in your business where you’ve grown and are ready to start investing in a high-quality website that reflects your business? Have you made a whole lot of changes that your current website doesn’t reflect?

Or is your website in such a dire state that no amount of tweaks and fixes will do?

Here are 5 situations where you may be high-tide for a website redesign.

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1. Your website is not mobile responsive.

If you use your website on a mobile phone, do you find that you have to scroll across to read content? Is the font size really small?

With mobile being such a prolific part of our lives, it is vital that your website is super user friendly on mobile. 

Indeed, as part of determining your search engine ranking, Google looks at your website on mobile first.

So if your website is difficult to use on mobile or it loads a lot more slowly on a mobile data connection vs. wifi, then you could be penalised by Google.

2. The direction of your business has changed.

Perhaps you’re trying to target a new type of client.

Or perhaps you’ve made considerable changes to your service offerings.

If your website does not resonate for your new ideal client, then a website redesign may be in order. 

3. You’re undergoing a rebrand.

If your business is undergoing a rebrand, then this is the perfect opportunity to get a website redo.

And we don’t just mean swapping out the colours, fonts and imagery, although this can be a good starting point.

Indeed, this is the perfect time to take a good look at your website and assess how it’s been serving you from a sales/lead-generation point of view. (For more on this, check out our blog post about auditing your website).

4. Your website is too difficult to maintain.

Perhaps you weren’t taught how to manage and maintain your website.

Maybe the developer made things exceptionally complicated for you to make updates yourself.

If it’s becoming too much of a headache to update your own website, no matter how good it looks, then it might be worth getting it rebuilt so that it’s maintainable and easy to update in the long run.

5. You are simply having too many issues with your website

You make an update and your website crashes.

Everything loads slowly.

The contact form doesn’t work.

There are broken links all over the show.

If you’re forever having issues with your website, then rather than spend a whole lot of time doing fixes and tweaks to get it to a workable state, it can often be more cost efficient (and less stressful) to just get the entire thing rebuilt.

In Summary

We get it. You may have invested a whole lot of money into your website and are reluctant about investing any more.

You might think just getting a few fixes will do the job – except that sometimes doing fixes on top of an already badly built website just masks the issues, it rarely ever solves them properly.

However, don’t stress! Think of a website redesign as an exciting opportunity to have a marketing tool that works for you and your business, that talks to your ideal client and will generate the right leads and sales. 

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