At Moolah Digital, we are absolute believers that a website is a vital investment in your business and should be treated as such. If you have made the decision to invest money in an agency to design and build a new website for your business? Then you need to actually make sure you’re investing your time and energy in the project as well.

Not only is it the right and respectful thing to do, but it also means that you’re going to end up with a website that has been carefully planned and crafted and will launch on time.

So what do you need to do in order to make sure you’re putting enough energy and time into your project?

1. Get your organise on and get all of your content ready before your website project commences.

Here at Moolah Digital, we often book projects to commence 2-3 months after the deposit has been paid and contract signed. Whilst this may seem like a while away, it’s a good amount of time to start preparing everything that will be needed for the website.

You can use this time to:

  • Make sure you have logins and access to things that your website designer will need access to such as your domain hosting and email marketing platform.
  • Work on your website copy (or engage a copywriter to work with you if you know that writing copy isn’t exactly your strength).
  • Organise a photo shoot and/or start gathering stock imagery to use on the website.
  • If your web agency has given you homework (such as completing a questionnaire or putting together a mood board), make sure to put aside the time to do this as soon as possible.

A good idea is to put aside at least an hour each week to get everything together – that way it will feel like a far less daunting task.

When providing feedback, take the time to give meaningful feedback.

What do we mean by “meaningful” feedback?

Basically this is feedback that identifies an issue, clearly articulates the issue and requests a potential solution (but being open to the fact that your agency might have a better solution).

When providing your feedback, it is a huge help to provide screenshots or videos that clearly demonstrate the issue.

Depending on your agency’s processes, they might request feedback in a particular format such as a list of items in a Word document. However if you have a preferred way of communicating, definitely raise this with your agency. If you’d rather jump on a video call to provide your feedback, that’s fair enough – be sure to ask your agency if this is a possibility if they don’t offer it as an option in the first instance.

At Moolah Digital we are very accommodating to different communication styles. By default, we create a document with some instructions and guidance for providing feedback. But if a client prefers to jump on a video call to provide feedback, we are more than happy to do this too.

3. Be respectful of your agency’s processes and timelines

You are most likely not the only project an agency is working on. Therefore it’s important to provide any information, content and feedback needed within the requested time frames.

For example, if a client has requested feedback from you and they have given 5x business days for you to provide this feedback, then be sure to adhere to this deadline. That way you avoid delays to your project and will just help keep things running smoothly. A lot of agencies will have it in their contract that if you don’t provide feedback within a set period of time, then that is considered to be signed off and they will proceed to the next stage of the project regardless.

Look, we get it. Business happens and you get so caught up with client work and putting out fires that other things such as your website do get placed lower on the list of priorities.

However, if you’re serious about your business and taking it to the next level? Then you need to commit to putting aside the required time and being responsive and engaged in your website project.

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