For smart, ambitious business owners who want solid foundations for their business & clarity on where their business is going.

Starting a new business or looking to rebrand?

Take a pause right here!

Before you even THINK about designing a logo or diving into a website, or really doing anything else – it is crucial that you take the time to:

  1. Get strategic.
  2. Look at the big picture.

… and get crystal clear on your purpose and mission, your products and services, your unique selling point, your dream client and your positioning in your market.

By gaining this superhero level of clarity, you can ensure that any actions you take within your business are consistent in terms of your overarching purpose and how you want to be perceived in your market.

Who is a brand strategy for?

A brand strategy is for you if…

You are about to start a new business or undertake a rebrand.

You have a big vision or idea and you need extra guidance to turn this vision into reality.

You want to launch from a really strong position where you’re crystal clear on your services and offerings, your dream client and how you want to position yourself in the market.

You want to better understand your competitors and identify opportunities to stand-out in your industry and do things differently.

You understand the importance and value of investing in the RIGHT places when it comes to starting a new business or rebrand.

You want to make sure your brand visual design (e.g. your logo and visual aspects of your brand) are going to have impact and resonate with your dream clients.

You want to get clear on your voice and how you want to be perceived by your audience.

What does a brand strategy involve?

Because no two brands are unique, our approach to working with a business on their brand strategy can vary. However, as a rule of thumb, these are the kinds of activities we’ll work closely with you to make sure no stone is left unturned and you gain the superhero clarity you need for your brand…

Graphic of a man in a magnifying glass - symbolises the discovery call stage of a brand strategy project with Moolah Digital.

Discovery Calls & Questionnaires

We’ll send you a questionnaire with some juicy questions to start getting you to think about the type of brand you want to create. We’ll also arrange a follow-up call to further explore these questions.

Brand Strategy Workshops

Our brand strategy workshop is the absolute HERO of this offering! This workshop is a continuation of our discovery calls and questionnaires, where we deep-dive even further to get to the core of your brand. Available in-person for the Ipswich, Toowoomba, Brisbane & Gold Coast regions.

Brand Naming Workshop

If you haven’t yet come up with a name for your business then we can workshop with you to come up with some ideas for a name that has meaning and is going to resonate with your dream clients/customers.

Graphic of a man in a magnifying glass - symbolises the discovery call stage of a brand strategy project with Moolah Digital.

Customer Analysis

This is where we take the time to get really clear on who your ideal customer is. This is crucial in ensuring that you are clear on who you are targeting with your products and services and that your brand attracts and resonates with this specific group of people.

Competitor Analysis

This is where we spend time understanding who your key competitors are in your industry and understand the things they’re doing well and the things they’re not doing so well to help identify any opportunities to help your brand stand out!

Lots of Collab, Questions & Deep-Diving

This process isn’t for the faint-hearted, BUT if you have faith and are open to wealth of insights and ideas (and most importantly to having a solid foundation for your business), then we promise you this journey is 100% worth it.

… And the million dollar question… What *exactly* do I get out of a brand strategy?

Overall? Allllll the clarity in the world on your brand’s purpose and vision, ideal client and positioning in the market.

In terms of actual, tangible stuff you can hold and look at?

The BIGGEST thing is a final brand strategy document (I know, we couldn’t get any sexier with names if we tried!). This is a carefully curated document packed full with all the information, insights and ideas gained from our time working together.

Consider this documented brand strategy your compass to guide you with every decision you make about your business. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

A few case studies of epic brand strategies we’ve developed for our clients…

Creating a new brand for a mixed-media artist (Springfield, Queensland).

Team Moolah are currently working with a photographer who is looking to re-establish herself as a mixed-media artist in this next step of her creative career.

This client had a lot of incredible ideas in her head, but not a lot of clarity on any clear, concrete steps to make her dream a reality. We worked closely with her to bring all these ideas out of her head and on paper. As a result, both ourselves and the client were able to gain a deeper understanding of how she wanted to be perceived and what kind of impact she wanted to leave on her dream clients.

This work has built a solid foundation for us to now proceed with her visual branding, copywriting and website design.

Watch this space as we work towards launching her new brand in 2023.

Branding a new distillery launching in Ipswich, Queensland.

We are currently working with a husband and wife team who are in the midst of launching a distillery in the Ipswich region of Queensland in late 2023. 

Firstly, we were engaged to help them with coming up with a brand name, which we did through a workshop and a series of homework activities.

Once they had settled on a name, we then proceeded with a brand strategy project where we completed the following:

  • In-depth competitor analysis – researching distilleries based in South-East Queensland and identifying opportunities for our client to differentiate themselves.
  • In-depth customer analysis, including a customer research survey completed by participants predominantly based in Brisbane’s western suburbs. This meant we were better able to understand people’s gin drinking habits and preferences.
  • Half-day brand strategy workshop where we helped the client to get clear on their greater purpose and vision for their business.

All of this has been consolidated into a clear and in-depth brand strategy document that the client can use as a point of reference when it comes to all aspects of their brand and business.

We are now underway with creating their brand visual identity and we can be confident that we will be able to dream up an incredible visual brand, knowing we have a strong brand strategy and foundation in place for this up-and-coming business.

Ready for a whole lotta brand clarity and direction?

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