Custom Shopify Store Design

Bespoke Shopify stores for big-dreamin’ product businesses, eCommerce brands & retailers.

Are you a retailer or product-based business ready to take-off with an exceptional customer experience and soaring online sales?

Well you’ve come to the right place. At Moolah Digital, we are proud Shopify partners on a mission to build bespoke, customer centric Shopify stores that help make your products shine and make it super easy for customers to buy from you. 

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Image of Moolah Digital founder and director Korii Scrivener sitting at a desk with her laptop in the background.

The Moolah Shopify Design service is for you if…

You’re a product-based business or retailer with a big goal of ramping up online sales and providing a next-level customer experience for all of your customers (including wholesale).

You’re frustrated with your current eCommerce platform and want a system that makes it super easy to manage your inventory, sales and products and will scale with you as you grow.

You want to make some magic and partner up with a studio dead set on helping you stand out and shine.

You’re truly ready to take and invest in this next step.

How Our Moolah Digital Shopify Service Works

We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and vision. After all, you’re making the investment in us so it’s crucial that we get the right info to make the right decisions when building your store.


We’ll work closely with you to collate the assets needed for your store (products, images, web copy,  branding, etc). You can either provide your own assets or we can do it all for you.

Our design & dev team will team up to craft an online store that helps your products shine and instantly appeals to your target market. 

By the end? You’ll walk dance away with a Shopify store that looks amazing, is optimised for sales and has all the bells and whistles to help you take-off and make dollar bills!

Oh and we won’t leave you out in the world to figure it out on your own… We offer a range of support options to help you take care of your store and digital marketing on an ongoing basis.

The kinds of things we’ll be sure to set up properly on your Shopify store from the get-go…

Buy now buttons on product pages (so that people can purchase items instantly).

Integration with a variety of payment merchants including Shop Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal (including PayPal Pay In 4), AfterPay, Klarna and Zip Pay

Product pages that make your products shine and provide all the details a customer needs to make a purchase.

SEO best practices including: SEO page titles & descriptions, optimised images, website speed and optimised page copy.

Amazing product photography and lifestyle imagery used throughout your store to make your brand shine and make customers want to buy your products.

Shipping rules that make sense for your business – flat rates, conditional free shipping, domestic & international shipping, integrations with 3rd party carrier platforms.

Integration with your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok accounts, allowing people to discover you and your products on social media.

Integration with your email marketing platform (we recommend Klaviyo) and set-up of personalized and automated email flows to nurture and win over past, present and future customers.

Mobile friendliness – we want it to be as simle as possible for customers to purchase via their phone or tablet.

Who do we build Shopify stores for?

The short answer? For those with big dreams and goals and wanting to take their business to the next level.

Below is just a small snippet of the types of clients we work with at Moolah Digital.

A prominent crochet expert who sells her crochet square patterns on her Shopify store along with her published books.

A retailer who creates and sells children’s toys and games that are mindful, sustainable and all about creating a difference.

An equestrian/horse retailer with a physical store in a regional area who is moving away from WooCommerce and on to Shopify.

A colour-loving abstract & impressionist artist who sells original paintings, wearables and prints.

An ethical goods retailer who was impacted by the Australian bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic and needed a Shopify store to help boost sales while their physical store was closed.

A prominent figure in the art and illustration world known for her collaborations with various brands and is about to launch her own range of products.

Your Local Ipswich/Brisbane Shopify Partner

Moolah Digital is based in Ipswich, Queensland and keen to work with local businesses based in Ipswich, Brisbane and the wider South East Queensland region. If you’ve been contemplating a move online with Shopify, then you’ll want to chat with us.

Based elsewhere? Don’t let location stop you – thanks to the power of tech, it’s super easy to work with anyone regardless of their location.

Ecommerce email marketing with Klaviyo…

No Shopify store is complete without a strong email marketing strategy. As part of our Shopify projects, we’ll make sure you’re set up with the foundations to connect with and nurture both existing and new customers through a range of email automations and campaigns.

Moolah Digital are proud Klaviyo partners, ready to help show you the power that Klaviyo has to created truly personalized customer experiences.

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Migrating to Shopify from other platforms

If you currently use another eCommerce provider such as WooCommerce, Square, Weebly or Big Cartel, we would love to help you make the move to Shopify. 

With our process-driven approach, we’ll make sure that as part of the migration, we’ll bring over any important info and data such as sales data, customer data and existing products. We also follow best practices for making sure your SEO ranking isn’t impacted (and depending on your budget, we’ll work hard to improve it).

Case Study: Bespoke Shopify store design & build for Shelley Husband Crochet.

The client: a Victoria-based crochet expert known for her crochet squares.

What we delivered: an overhaul of Shelley’s Shopify store, creating a bespoke website that utilises Shopify 2.0 features.

Image of Moolah Digital's studio manager Nickie White sitting at a laptop with a large smile.

Here’s a few other Shopify stores we’ve designed & built for brands across Australia…

Image of Little Change Creators mockup on Macbook Air laptop - Shopify website designed & built by Moolah Digital.
Image of RIMAAD website mocked up on a Macbook Air laptop. Website designed and built by Moolah Digital
Image of Shelley Husband Crochet Shopify store mockup on a Macbook Air laptop.
Image of Create Fair Trade Shopify store mockup on a Macbook Air laptop

Words of Love From Our Website Clients

“Korii is absolutely incredible to work with! She happily took care of EVERYTHING and was amazing at creating the exact website we were after. Can’t recommend this girl enough!”


– Lillie Lack & Robyn Lack | Create Fair Trade

“A big thank you to Moolah Digital for building a fantastic website for Psychology Training and Supervision! We’re so happy with the end product and Korii and the team were great to work with, making the process easy and clear. We would highly recommend Moolah Digital… so much so we’re in the process of working on a second website with them!”


– Gavin Moffitt | Psychology Training & Supervision

“Korii is a star. She assessed and tidied up my website and Shopify store with ease. A pleasure to work with, I’ll be back for more help for sure.”


– Shelley Husband | Shelley Husband Crochet

Frequently asked questions about our Shopify services

Do you provide maintenance and updates to existing Shopify stores?

We do not offer maintenance or updates to existing Shopify stores. This is because we are far more passionate about building strong foundations for our clients from the get-go even if this menas starting with a clean slate.

If you have an existing Shopify store that just needs updates and tweaks, we can recommend you on to other service providers.

Do you use themes or build stores from scratch?

Depending on budget and requirements, we do both. If you’re after a bespoke design for your store, not a problem. We’ll often use an existing theme that has Shopify 2.0 capabilities and completely customise it out so it looks on-brand and completely unique. This will often involves creating custom sections not available out-of-the box with that theme. We’ll work closely with you to get an idea of what exactly you need in terms of functionality.

For example, with our client Shelley Husband Crochet, we used Shopify’s free Dawn theme and complete customised it based on design mock-ups we had created. Her “Help/FAQ” page was completely custom coded but still set-up so it would be easy for her to manage herself.

In other cases, we’ll work with you to select a theme and then simply swap out the colours, imagery and brand assets with some minor additonal code customisations.

Thanks to the release of Shopify 2.0, it’s easier more than ever to have a Shopify store that is bespoke and tailored to your needs and your customers’ needs (and is still easy to maintain and update at your end).

Why should I choose Shopify for my online store?

If you’re a predominantly product-based business who sells products online (or wants to make the move to do so)? You just can’t go wrong with Shopify.

It is purely dedicated to eCommerce and designed to scale as your business grows.

Shopify is so, so simple to use and manage your website, inventory, orders and products yourself.

No need to stress about updates breaking your website as well – Shopify takes care of all the back-end hosting stuff for you.

And now with Shopify 2.0, it’s even easier to manage your website content yourself, thanks to the added ability to easily customize your site pages.

Finally, Shopify has a fantastic community where you can easily get the help you need pretty quickly.

Need more reasons? Check out our blog post, Why Shopify is our preferred platform for eCommerce stores in 2022.

I need help with my branding, web copy and photography - can you help?

We sure can! With our in-house design and copywriting team, we are more than happy to buddy up and craft some beautiful branding & copy magic with you.

For photography, we have plenty of connections in this space, whether you need product photography or lifestyle/branding photography.

Ready to take off with a custom Shopify store for your brand?

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