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The Brief

Shelee Carruthers is a well-renowned fluid artist based in Central Queensland, Australia.

She had a previous website built to sell her fluid art eCourse, however the website was not functioning well, causing a loss in sales and a large amount of damage control to resolve issues related to access to the course.

In September 2019, Moolah Digital were engaged to rebuild her website with a very tight deadline in order to avoid losing further sales. Due to the timeline, Moolah Digital kept the design of the website as simple as possible, focusing on ensuring that the website would function well for customers all over the globe.

In January 2020, an online store was launched to sell Shelee’s prints and original artwork, including prints from a collaboration she did with fashion designer Iris van Herpen at the 2020 Spring Couture show in Paris.

Work Completed

  • Full build of new website using WordPress and WooCommerce, with PayPal as the primary payment gateway.
  • Pages set-up detailing full details of the Shelee Art eCourse.
  • Set-up of an automated email providing full course details which is sent to the customer upon payment for the eCourse.
  • Integration with sendinblue to ensure email deliverability.
  • Integration with Cloudflare to enable consistent speed/performance across the globe and enable redirects from to
  • Launch of an online store to sell Shelee’s prints and original artwork.

The Outcome

Shelee now has a fully-functioning website that enables people to easily purchase her eCourse and in future, purchase her prints and learn more about her work. 

Since launching in October 2019, Shelee has sold her eCourse to over 1500 customers.