Custom WordPress & WooCommerce Website For Not-For-Profit

Kidsafe Queensland

Image of Kidsafe Qld website on a Macbook laptop. Website built by Moolah Digital.

Type of Website Project

Custom WordPress/WooCommerce website designed and built for not-for-profit organisation Kidsafe Queensland.

About the Project

Kidsafe Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to keep children safe and out of hospital by providing evidence-based, practical safety advice for parents and caregivers.

Moving them away from Squaresapce and on to WordPress, we worked with them to build a new website with a clean & fresh design that better reflected their brand and made it a lot easier for people to find the resources and help they need. With such a large amount of resources on their website, it was important to come up with a way to make it as easy as possible to navigate around the website.

An online store was set-up using WooCommerce so that Kidsafe Queensland could sell their range of products online (ranging from child restraint car seats to home safety equipment). A donation feature was also set up so people can make donations to Kidsafe Queensland online using their credit cards.

Upon launching their new website, we also provided training videos for Kidsafe Queensland staff to follow along so they could feel confident to manage all aspects of the website themselves from editing content to managing online orders, to giving others admin access to the website.

We are excited to see how Kidsafe Queensland progress with their new website and they can walk away confident in a website that is user friendly both for their audience and themselves as an organisation.

We are currently working on implementing a new feature for Kidsafe Queensland where people can be apply to be a Kidsafe Queensland child car seat fitter, get added to the database and parents can access a search tool to find someone near them to help with installing their child car seat. This feature will be a big help with streamlining the process of taking applicants and helping parents find a fitter.

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