Clever Cookie Academy

Image of Clever Cookie Academy website on a Macbook Pro laptop. Website built by Brisbane web design studio Moolah Digital.

Type of Website Project

Custom WordPress website developed for tutoring academy Clever Cookie Academy in collaboration with design studio Your One & Only and tech systems expert Kiah Worling.

About the Project

Clever Cookie Academy is a tutoring academy based in Orange, NSW. Their mission? To flip the script and make learning for primary and high school students *sexy* and *fun*.

In 2020, Clever Cookie Academy undertook a rebrand with Sydney branding studio Your One & Only. As part of this rebrand, a new website was needed and so we were brought in for the development of this website, with YO&O providing the designs.

Clever Cookie Academy were also in need of a comprehensive Tutoring Management System to better manage their students, classes and bookings and enlisted tech expert Kiah Worling to help out. 

As part of this project, Clever Cookie Academy needed a booking functionality on their website to help reduce admin time and get students (or rather their parents) booking their term classes and holiday masterclasses through the website. This required Moolah Digital implementing a fair amount of custom code to connect the website to CCA’s tutoring management system and pull in the classes and display them on the website for booking. 

Their new website went live in March 2021 and it is a true reflection of their exciting, colourful and bubbly brand. The fact that the website has been set-up to take online bookings is just the icing on the cake (no pun intended).

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