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The Brief

Brushwoods is an award winning oat and olive food producer based in rural New South Wales, Australia. Run by passionate ex-scientist Kendra Kerrisk, Brushwoods pride themselves on selling 100% pure Australian produce in the form of rolled oats, groats, olive oil and natural skincare products.

Kendra approached Moolah Digital for help with improving the website and increasing sales. We started off by conducting a website audit followed by an overall revamp of both the  website and the copy in collaboration with copywriter Wordified.

Work Completed

Phase 1 –  Website Audit

A website audit was conducted which covered:

  • Speed/performance of the website.
  • Google Analytics data – understanding how website visitors were finding the website and how they were typically behaving while on the website.
  • SEO – analysing what keywords were  bringing traffic to the website and assessing whether these were appropriate.
  • Overall design and UX.

Phase 2 – Website Speed and Performance Optimization

The next step was to optimize the website to improve overall speed and performance. This included:

  • Removing unnecessary plugins and finding more light-weight plugins where possible.
  • Cleaning and optimizing the database.
  • Upgrading the website’s PHP version (PHP is the coding language used to build the WordPress platform).
  • Optimizing images.
  • Replacing image headings on the website with actual text.

Phase 3 – Website Revamp

As part of the audit, the conclusion had been made that along with slightly rejigging the website in terms of design and navigation, the copy also needed a refresh.

Moolah Digital brought in Kelly Allen from Wordified to work with Kendra on creating new copy that spoke to her ideal customer.

Together, Moolah Digital and Wordified worked on the following:

  • Redesign of home page to make it clearer what Brushwoods Australia do and also make the online shop more prominent.
  • Redesign of Shop page – displaying products by categories.
  • Making it clearer to visitors that free shipping is available for orders over $50.
  • Making it easier to subscribe to the email list by adding a subscribe form in the footer of the website as well as having a subscribe form on the home page.
  • Tidying up display of Stockists and Awards page.

The Outcome

The refreshed website has played a strong contributing role in Brushwoods increasing their sales dramatically with a 387% increase (2018 sales vs. 2019 sales).

Overall, the website provides  a much more clearer and simpler customer experience – visitors know straight away what they do and can easily find their way to the shop to purchase Brushwood’s incredible products.

In fact, Moolah Digital are huge fans of their hand soap and olive oil! 

If you’re after award-winning oats or olive-based products, definitely pay Brushwoods Australia a visit.