WordPress/WooCommerce Website Revamp & Customizations

Brushwoods Australia

Image of Brushwoods Australia website homepage on a Macbook laptop. Website redesign by Moolah Digital.

Type of Website Project

Refresh of WordPress/WooCommerce online store and ongoing customizations.

Brushwoods is an award winning oat and olive food producer based in rural New South Wales, Australia. Run by passionate ex-scientist Kendra Kerrisk, Brushwoods pride themselves on selling 100% pure Australian produce in the form of rolled oats, groats, olive oil and natural skincare products.

In early 2019, Kendra approached Moolah Digital for help with improving the website in the hopes that would help increase online sales.

Work on this website has been ongoing, starting with an audit where we analysed Brushwood’s Google Analytics data to get a better idea of how people found the website and how they were using it; speed & performance; SEO performance and overall design & user experience.

We then made the recommendation to give the website (including the copy) an overall refresh, bringing in copywriter Wordified to write new copy that better spoke to Kendra’s target market.

At the same time, we made a number of improvements to the website, including:

  • Speeding up the website.
  • Redesigning the home page to make it clearer what Brushwoods Australia do and make the online shop more prominent.
  • Redesigning the Shop page so it was easier to find different types of products.
  • Making it clearer to visitors that free shipping is available for orders over $50.

In mid-2020, Brushwoods again engaged Moolah Digital to create a custom Oats on Subscription feature where people could subscribe to have a range of oats products delivered to them on a regular basis, thus creating another revenue stream for Brushwoods but also making the overall purchasing process easier for her regular customers.

Since refreshing the website, Brushwoods Australia has gone on to achieve more targeted traffic and more consistent & higher sales on a monthly basis.

What Brushwoods Australia had to say about working with us


“I won’t stop working with Moolah Digital. The way I see it, it’s like employing a window cleaner for your bricks and mortar store. Moolah will help to keep my shopfront clean and uncluttered, they will oil the squeaky door and changed the spent light globe before you even notice it blew! Moolah are just so easy to work with, super professional and nothing’s a bother. What I love the most is the guidance they provide. So if I say I want something, Moolah Digital will happily tell me if they don’t think it’s the right solution. I love that!!”

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