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The Brief

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear design, manufacture and sell motorcycle wear that’s intended to be worn both on and off the bike. They sell a range of high-quality leather jackets for both women and men, motorcycle gloves, jeans, shirts and accessories. 

Their previous website was not functioning well and was visually weak. As a result the website was making very little sales with the client commenting that her stockists were selling more of her products than they were directly. Because Blackbird sell worldwide and take orders in different currencies, 4x different websites had been set-up: a .com website where people would select the appropriate website to navigate to – Australia, USA or the UK. This was causing a maintenance nightmare for the client as they were having to login to 4x different websites to make updates. 

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear engaged Moolah Digital to do a complete overhaul of their website. 

Work Completed

Moolah Digital decided to consolidate the 4x different websites set-up and only have 1x website that would automatically change prices, currencies, display of particular payment gateways and visibility of particular products, depending on the location of the customer.

Not only did the currency have to change based on a customer’s location, but the actual prices of products had to change as pricing had to factor in a particular country’s warehousing costs.

It was also vital to hide certain payment gateways from people if that payment gateway wasn’t an option for them – for example since AfterPay is only available in Australia and NZ, this option was not to be visible for people in the UK.

Finally, not all products are available in all countries, therefore the ability to hide/show products based on location was mandatory.

All of the above was achieved using a combination of existing WordPress plugins and custom php coding.

Moolah Digital took a collaborative approach for this project from the very beginning, working closely with the client to understand their business requirements, goals and pain points. Before diving into the website build, Moolah developed full design mock-ups of each web page for the client to provide feedback before getting final sign-off and going ahead with the website build.

Prior to the build, a lot of research was undertaken to confirm that a single website could indeed be created for customers worldwide. This saved a lot of time during the website build and created a strong sense of confidence for both Moolah and the client that their ideal website could be achieved.

In summary:

  • Development of a new eCommerce website for Blackbird Motorcycle Wear built with WordPress/WooCommerce and the Divi theme.
  • Consolidation of 4x websites into 1x website that could be used by customers worldwide.
  • Implementation of geolocation features – currency switching, price switching, product visibility, payment gateway visbility based on a customer’s location. Required a combination of existing plugins plus additional php coding.
  • Implementation of an “Instagram Shop” feature using Snappt platform. (Click here to check out this feature).
  • Integration with Google Analytics for website analytics and tracking.
  • Installation of Facebook Pixel.
  • Redirect,, .us domains all to the .com website.
  • Integration with sendinblue to improve email deliverability.
  • Implementation of abandoned cart email.
  • Integration with Campaign Monitor email marketing platform.
  • Integration with Cloudflare to improve performance/speed globally.

The Outcome

With the new website having recently launched before Christmas 2019, there’s already been an improvement in the number of sales made. 

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear now have a website that truly showcases their amazing products and provides a much better user experience for customers. 

Consolidating the websites into 1x website also means that the client will spend a lot less time and hassle managing inventory, orders and content across multiple sites and only has to spend their time on one website.

We look forward to following Blackbird’s journey and seeing how business progresses over time with their new website.