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Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

Image of Blackbird Motorcycle Wear website home page on a Macbook laptop - website built by Moolah Digital.

Type of Website Project

Fully custom WordPress/WooCommerce website built for motorcycle fashion brand Blackbird Motorcycle Wear.

About the Project

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear are a well-known Australian motorcycle fashion brand. They approached Moolah Digital in 2019 with a poorly designed website that did not function well. Furthermore, their previous developer had set up a separate website for each currency that they sold in, which made maintenance and management very difficult. The decision was made to completely rebuild their website and consolidate their various websites into one.

This was a complex build which required a range of functionality from automatically changing currencies based on location, hiding and showing products depending on location and hiding and showing different payment gateways based on location. Despite these complexities, Moolah Digital was able to deliver a beautiful website that complimented their quality fashion items and provided a strong user experience for their customers.

In addition to providing a strong user experience for their customers, the new website was set up to be easily editable by the Blackbird team so they could feel confident jumping on to the website at any time to upload products and make any needed changes to their pages. 

In April 2020, Moolah Digital worked with Blackbird Motorcycle Wear to launch a partner portal for their retailers and distributors to be able to easily access marketing materials as well as the latest news on all things related to Blackbird Motorcycle Wears’ products. There was some level of complexity in this project as Blackbird partners required access to the website’s media library but without actually giving them access to the WordPress dashboard admin area. Work also had to be completed to move all of Blackbird’s media to the cloud (using Amazon S3) as they simply did not have the space on their website hosting to do this.

The portal is in regular use by Blackbird’s partners and has the potential to be extended for use as a wholesale store in future, should Blackbird wish to exploer this avenue.

What Blackbird Motorcycle Wear had to say about working with us


“Absolute weapon of a web developer! Korii from Moolah Digital has extensive knowledge and experience in the web development industry, and has greatly improved our overall website. Easy to work with, thoughtful and helpful – I couldn’t recommend Moolah Digital enough!”

– Matilda McPhee

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