Next-Level Website Audit


This offering is for those who want a detailed understanding of where issues lie with their website and a full plan of attack for turning their website into one that converts.

Best for: Businesses past the start-up phase | Businesses looking to expand nationally/internationally | Businesses undergoing major changes.

What Will Be Covered:

  • Overall tone of website – does your website as a whole speak to your ideal customer and makes them want to buy from you? 
  • Website copy – does your written content demonstrate why people should buy from you (as opposed to just listing a whole lot of features or talking about yourself)?
  • Design & UX – does the look and feel of the website align with your target audience? Are you consistent with your choices of fonts and colours throughout the website? Is the website easy to read and use?
  • Navigation and customer journey – is it easy for visitors to find the information they need? Do you make it easy for visitors to convert (e.g. request a quote or purchase a product)?
  • Functionality – how interactive is your website? How well integrated is it with your CRM and email marketing tools? Are there any errors or issues preventing visitors from doing anything?
  • Technical set-up – how well set-up is your website from a technical perspective? How fast does it load? Is it easy for you to maintain and update yourself?
  • Integration with marketing tools – is your website correctly set-up with other marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager/Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook pixel, Instagram shopping, email marketing, etc?
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – have you done keyword research? Are web pages and images optimised for SEO? Do you have a Google Search Console account?
  • Overall digital marketing plan – do you have a digital marketing strategy and how well does your website tie in with this strategy?

The Process:

  1. Pay for your website audit online and book in a time for both your initial 30-minute phone/video call and your follow-up 1-hour video call.
  2. Initial questionnaire + 30 minute phone/video call to better understand your business, goals, ideal customer, frustrations, products and services.
  3. Full analysis of website + analytics with a detailed and comprehensive report provided in PDF format. Report will also include full list of recommendations to improve your website.
  4. We’ll catch up over a 1-hour Zoom video call to go through the audit report and answer any questions.
  5. You can request a quote for us to implement the recommendations we have made.