At Moolah Digital, WordPress is our preferred platform for building bespoke websites for service-based businesses. As part of our website builds, we have a range of go-to tools and plugins that we use to enable all sorts of functionality.

Here are our favourite go-to tools, themes and plugins that we use on our WordPress website builds:

1. Divi page builder

At Moolah Digital, we build all of our WordPress websites from scratch with the help of our trusty favourite page builder, Divi. That’s right – we don’t use pre-made themes ever.

With Divi, a page is essentially broken down into sections, which are broken down into rows and columns. Within columns you then add your page elements such as text, videos, images, etc – these are called modules.

Furthermore, Divi provides plenty of options to create your own custom headers, footers and reusable page templates.

The beauty of Divi is that not only does it have the power to build incredible sites, but with a bit of training and a guiding hand, our clients are in a position to be able to make edits and updates to their websites themselves without hassle.

Download the Divi page builder.

2. Gravity Forms

We are *HUGE* fans of using Gravity Forms for creating forms on our websites. We no longer use free contact form plugins and thanks to our Elite license, we’re able to use Gravity Forms on all of our clients’ WordPress websites.

Why do we love Gravity Forms so much? This is only a small set of reasons:

  • Easy to integrate with your email marketing platform (such as Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign) – you can even do some clever things like decide which list a person should be added to, depending on which contact form they’ve completed on your site or assign particular tags.
  • Ability to send a form enquiry to a particular person based on fields in that form (e.g. great if you have multiple offices/locations – you can direct form enquiries to the right place).
  • Ability to set-up conditional fields.
  • Ability to take online payments and signatures.

Download Gravity Forms.

3. Carousel Slider

This is a free plugin which allows you to create beautiful, touch enabled and responsive carousels and sliders.

At Moolah Digital we’ll often use this plugin to set up a range of carousels, especially for displaying a large number of graphics, images or logos on mobile and tablet.

Download the carousel slider plugin here.

4. WPFront Notification Bar

This is a handy plugin that lets you easily set-up a notification bar for announcements and promos. An example of a client that uses this plugin is Brushwoods Australia – we use this plugin to create a notification bar announcing that they offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Download WPFront Notification Bar.

5. Yoast SEO

One of the most well-known WordPress plugins for optimising your site for SEO. Features include on-page content analysis, generation of XML sitemaps and of course, the ability to add SEO titles and descriptions to each of your pages (including category pages).

No WordPress website is considered “complete” without installing and configuring this plugin.

Download the Yoast SEO plugin.

6. Yoast Duplicate Post

At Moolah Digital, it’s really important that the WordPress websites we build for our clients are going to be as easy as possible for them to manage themselves.

Thanks to Yoast Duplicate Post (brought to you by the same people who created the Yoast SEO plugin), it’s super easy for clients to replicate posts and pages and just replace the content without losing the beautiful formatting and styling we set up in the first place.

Download the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin.

Over time as we come across other useful tools and plugins, we’ll be sure to keep this post updated.

If you’re keen for a bespoke WordPress website for your business, make sure to get in touch with us today.

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