Do you have a website but you’re not 100% happy with it or you’re not sure if it’s doing its job at bringing in sales?

Introducing Moolah Digital’s Mini Website Audit – tailored for those who’d like some actionable advice to improve their websites but don’t quite have the budget to invest in a major website overhaul.

Image of The Detailed Nest WordPress website, built by Moolah Digital.

Do you have a website but you feel like it’s not doing a great job at bringing in sales?

You have a great product or service so why aren’t people buying from you?

In comes Moolah Digital, ready to give you solid, actionable advice that could make a world of difference to your website and overall digital marketing efforts.

The Mini Website Audit is designed for those who’d like some advice and help with making improvements to their website but don’t quite have the budget to fully engage a developer to fix their website or conduct a full, comprehensive audit.

As part of this offering, you’ll receive a 20-minute walkthrough video where you’ll get to watch us navigate through your website, highlighting key areas for improvements and provide a heap of recommendations so you can get started with ramping up your online presence.

Watch your video whenever you like, as many times as you like.

Best for: Businesses with DIY websites | Start-up businesses

And the cost? Only a cheeky $59 AUD!

How Does the Mini Website Audit Work?


Pay for your mini website audit online.


We’ll check out your website and record a 20 minute walkthrough of your website, highlighting areas for improvements and recommendations to optimise your website.


We’ll email your video within 7 working days of paying. Watch it at any time, however many times you like.


Go ahead and make changes yourself or get your developer to make changes (or you can even ask us for a quote!)

What is Covered in the Mini Website Audit?

We’ll try and cover as much ground as we can in 20-minutes. As part of the video, we’ll start off with an overview, providing our overall feedback of the website before diving into specifics. 

Some of the things we may cover during the audit include:

Overall Tone of Website

Does your website as a whole speak to your ideal customer and makes them want to buy from you?

Website Copy

Does your written content demonstrate why people should buy from you (as opposed to just listing a whole lot of features or talking about yourself)?


Are you consistently using the right fonts and colours from your brand style guide? Does your imagery reflect your ideal customer?

Navigation & Customer Journey

Is it easy for visitors to find the information they need? Do you make it easy for visitors to convert (e.g. request a quote or purchase a product)?


How interactive is your website? How well integrated is it with your CRM and email marketing tools? Are there any errors or issues preventing visitors from doing anything?

Technical Set-Up

How well set-up is your website from a technical perspective? How fast does it load?

Ready to take that next-step towards building a website that converts?

Want more comprehensive advice?

Upgrade to our Step-Up or Next-Level website audits for more comprehensive advice and a more detailed plan of attack for optimising your website.

You’ll receive a special code upon purchasing a Mini Website Audit – use this to take $59 AUD off the price of the Step-Up or Next-Level website audits.

About Moolah Digital

Established in February 2018, Moolah Digital is a bespoke web design studio that has worked with over 50 brands across Australia and New Zealand,  building and optimizing their online presence.

At Moolah Digital, we are passionate about helping businesses step-up to that next level and empowering them with an online presence that speaks to their target audience – whether that’s through building bespoke, one-of-a-kind websites or providing audits, strategy and action plans that businesses can execute themselves.

We’re your partner for all things digital and websites.

Client Words of Delight…

“The web audit with Moolah Digital was excellent. Korii gave me very clear and practical advice on how to improve the look, layout and most importantly what to prioritize and how to create a much easier and better experience for my clients.”

– Devahnah Ellandrida, Owner and Director of Devahnah Creations.

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