When looking for ideas for your website (whether that’s design, layout or functionality), we bet you’ve spent plenty of time seeing what your competitors are doing. As in you liked the colour palette used on Competitor X’s website and you liked the set-up of the online booking feature on Competitor Y’s website and then you also liked the layout of the home page on Competitor Z’s website.

But did you take the time to look at what your competitors AREN’T doing?

As important as it is to gain some inspo for what you envision for your website and brand, it’s just as important (if not more) to think about what’s MISSING from your competitors’ websites and business offerings and see what you can do differently to fill that gap and help you stand out.

Here’s a few examples to help get you thinking…

If you’re a caterer, go and check out other catering websites and put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

What’s missing from their websites that could make life easier? Do they make you complete a PDF form and email it to them? Do you have to phone them to pay for their services? Do they clearly show their menus and pricing? What can you do with YOUR website that they aren’t doing with theirs?

Maybe you could offer the ability for people to choose your menu options or packages and add them to a cart and make a booking and payment online. Maybe you could have an online calculator feature to help people select the right amount of food or the right package before going ahead to book. Maybe you could offer complimentary add-ons such as decorations or furniture hire.

If you’re a personal trainer – how easy do your competitors make it to book an initial consultation with them?

Do they have an online form or a scheduling tool people can use to book in a consult? Or do they have to get in touch using a contact form or by making a phone call?

How good are they at sharing their expertise and knowledge?  Do they have a blog? Do they provide downloadable resources? Do they share tips through videos or a podcast?

Again, what can you do with YOUR website that other PTs aren’t doing with theirs?

If you have an eCommerce website – think about what you could add to your site to keep people coming back and standing out from the crowd.

Again, take the time to look what competitors in your industry are doing. How engaging are their websites? How do they encourage people to come back, especially if it’s a product that people aren’t going to purchase on a frequent basis.

How do they build brand loyalty? What kind of fun features do they have on their website (if any)?

What could you do to stand out that others aren’t doing? Could you set-up a members-only space or a section with freebies and resources for fun ideas and activities that use and compliment your products? What about a fun quiz to help customers selec the right product(s) before purchasing?

Keep this wee tip handy for next time when you’re trying to come up with a new idea for your website (or you’re planning a new website) and see how you go with coming up with some epic cool ideas for your business that will help you stand out because you know that others in your industry haven’t implemented these same things.

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