Have a question? Check out the FAQs below – you may just find the answer you’re looking for!

If not and you feel like we could be a good fit and could work well together on your branding/website project? Then feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a time to chat.

Website/Web Application Design & Development

What platforms do you use to build websites?

We predominantly build on WordPress because of the large amount of flexibility it offers in terms of design, functionality and integration with 3rd party tools and applications. With our entire team having vast experience with this platform, it also just happens to be our speciality. :)

For eCommerce (especially if your business is predominantly eCommerce), then we highly recommend Shopify. Moolah Digital are proud to be Shopify partners and can work closely with you to craft a custom online store for your products.

For custom, more specialised website application type of projects, we will generally use WordPress, again because of the fact that it pretty much offers a blank canvas with so much potential and possibilities.

What is the turnaround time for a new website?

This is a very commonly asked question! The short answer is that it all comes down to the communication between us.

Before we begin designing your website, at a minimum we require all branding assets and copy to be ready to go (we can use placeholder photography at worst case).

Turnaround time for the design stage can be 2-4 weeks before completing approved designs for building.

We then aim to have your webiste live within 6-8 weeks from the time we start building the website.

These timeframes are all based on the assumption that all content and feedback has been supplied to us in a timely manner.

Please note, that there is typically a 6-8 week waiting time before we can commence your project. However if you choose to work with us, we will onboard you as soon as you’ve signed your contract and paid your invoice and help you start getting all the items we’ll need for your project.

I have a big idea for a website but no idea where to start.

Let’s workshop together! We can work closely with you to get a good grasp of your idea – what problem you’re trying to solve, who your target audience is and how your idea helps to solve this problem. We’ll then map out a whole lot of ideas of how a website or web application could work and you’ll walk away with a really strong plan for designing and building this website.

By workshopping your idea, we an make sure it’s viable and that we are all on the same page on how the website should work before we start building it.

Get in touch if you’re interested in a discovery workshop.

Do you offer website packages?

We are big believers in creating a website that’s completely unique to your business and needs, therefore we do not offer set packages.

In saying this, we are assessing our current offers so this may indeed change soon – watch this space!

For a presonalised quote, please get in touch.

How far in advance do I have to book a website project?

We are often booked out at least 2 months in advance (depending on the time of year), so do keep this in mind when requesting a quote.

We often require you to do a bit of homework in the lead-up to commencing your website project, so by the time you send through the required information, we’ll be able to hit the ground running and get started on your project without too many hiccups.

In order to lock in a start date for your project, you will need to pay a deposit (this varies based on the total project price quoted) and sign our contract. If you are having a WordPress website built for you, you may also need to pay 12 months of website hosting at the time of signing up.

Branding & Graphic Design

Do you provide branding/graphic design services?

We most certainly do offer branding and graphic design services. You can learn more about our branding services here.

This means that if you are a new business or a business in need of a rebrand, we can help you out with this in addition to building your website!

We offer design services as part of a branding package or through our VIP Day offering, where you get our complete focus and support for a full day or half-day. 

The type of design services we offer include: brand and logo design, print design, graphic design and design of marketing collateral (e.g. email signatures, letterheads, business cards, brochures and flyers, email marketing templateas, social media content, etc).

What is the turnaround time for a new brand?

If we are designing your logo and branding, then the turnaround time is generally 2 to 3 weeks. We currently have about a 4 week waiting time before commencing a brand design project.

If we haven’t worked together beforehand on a brand strategy, then we can at least get you started with our discovery questionnaire and to start creating a moodboard. That way we’ll be good to go with allllll the information we need come design time.

These timeframes are all based on the assumption that all content and feedback has been supplied to us in a timely manner.

Working With Team Moolah

Where are you based?

We are a fully remote team based in the Ipswich region, west of Brisbane in South-East Queensland, Australia.

All of our clients are Australian-based across – and we’re pretty proud to say that we have worked with clients from all Australian states and territories (even the NT and Tasmania)! Given the advances in technology today, it’s easy enough to work with anyone no matter their location.

If you’re based outside of Australia, we would LOVE to hear from you. Things could work in your favour when it comes to both the exchange rate (fun fact: $1 AUD is worth around $0.70 USD or £0.50) and timing (we can get your work done while you’re fast asleep, ready for you to review when you wake up).

Do you work with clients in-person?

We typically prefer to do our work (especially project work) in the comfort and quiet of our own offices – with this type of work, there’s often a lot of thinking and tinkering that’s required, and it’s challenging to do this when we have someone sitting next to us.

However, we do love the occasional in-person meeting, especially if it’s over coffee (or Gin & Tonics if we’re going to be *really* honest). This option applies for those in Ipswich/Springfield, Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba, most parts of Brisbane (preferably Brisbane West and Brisbane South) and the northern Gold Coast. Travel fees may apply.

What kind of clients do you work with?

At Moolah Digital, we predominantly position ourselves as specialists and go-tos in working with creative and innovative service-based businesses to help them stand-out as experts and thought-leaders in their industries.

We understand this can be a very loose definition and we don’t have a problem with that!

We do also work with eCommerce businesses and as Shopify partners, we have a heap of experience with customising and building customer-friendly Shopify stores that convert. 

Our all time favourite clients are those with a passion for their work and the impact they have on others and understand just how important a strong brand and online presence is when it comes to building and growing their businesses.

Do you provide ongoing website support once my website has launched?

We provide both ad-hoc and ongoing website support for our clients when they need it. Support can come in a range of ways including:

  • Additional training to supplement any training videos we have supplied in the past.
  • Set-up of new functionality, including integration with a wealth of third-party tools and platforms.
  • Creation of new pages.
  • General website troubleshooting.
  • Help with email marketing, design and other digital help as needed.

Do you take on clients with existing websites that just want website development & troubleshooting?

This was actually how Moolah Digital started out! By taking on clients who already had websites and just needed help with troubleshooting and customization.

These days? Our passion lies in building websites from scratch and so we have decided to only offer website development & troubleshooting support to existing clients and clients who engage us to build their websites.

From time to time we may take on clients with existing websites if they have been built on WordPress with Divi or Shopify. Please reach out if you feel you may fit the bill.

However, we do offer VIP Days we you can book us for a focused full day or half day to help tick any items off your list and get some serious website sprucing done! Again, you will need to have either a WordPress website built with Divi or a Shopify 2.0 store.

Other Services

Do you provide copywriting services?

We currently do not offer full copywriting as an in-house service.

However if we are working with you on a new website and you need some help with writing website copy, we do have the following options:

  • We can recommend a bunch of really awesome copywriters who we’ve collaborated with on past projects – we’ll provide recommendations based on your business and brand. This will always be our first choice recommendation!
  • If you decide to write your copy yourself, we can offer our services to help spruce up your copy and make sure that the final output is going to resonate with your ideal client and will be SEO friendly too.

Do you provide SEO services?

This is a question we get asked A LOT and for good reason! There’s no point having a website if you’re not driving traffic to it and getting a good search engine ranking is a huge help in getting people to your site.

As part of your website build, we ensure your website is SEO ready and submitted to search engines upon launching. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Ensuring the website is mobile-friendly and easy to use, interact with and read on mobile.
  • Making sure the website has been built to best practices when it comes to website speed and performance.
  • Making sure the right heading and copy tags are used on all pages.
  • Ensuring images are optimised for SEO – they are an appropriate file size, follow good naming conventions and are tagged with appropriate alt tags.
  • Ensuring all pages have SEO descriptions and titles set-up.
  • Website is submitted to Google for indexing once live and connected with a Google Search Console account.

Finally, we offer ongoing SEO optimisation services to make sure your website improves and maintains its ranking in the long run.

For a bit more insight into the world of SEO, check out this blog post detailing 3x things you need to know about SEO.

Do you offer website audits?

We are very excited to announce that after a couple of years hiatus, we have re-introduced Website & SEO audits into our offer suite! 

This is a full and comprehensive audit for those who are struggling to generate sales and leads with their website. No stone will go uncovered with this audit!

For more information, check out our Website and SEO Audits page.

Do you offer website hosting?

We offer website hosting for clients who engage us to build their websites!

Website hosting is only required for WordPress websites. If you have an existing WordPress website and you are looking to rebuild then we are flexible in terms of whether we host your website or you remain with your current host, depending on who your host is and your hosting configurations.

Be sure to ask about our hosting packages when requesting your website quote.