We have been working closely with Brushwoods Australia since early 2019, helping them with website support and optimization. Based in regional New South Wales, Brushwoods Australia are a producer of pure and real Australian food produce and are most famous for their rolled oats (which we absolutely adore eating).

Kendra Kerrisk is the face behind Brushwoods Australia (and also happens to be a Kiwi just like Moolah Digital’s director, Korii). Since we gave her website an overhaul in 2019, sales have steadily increased and with COVID-19 sending people online to do their shopping, her sales absolutely soared throughout 2020.

In mid-2020, Kendra requested to set-up an online subscription service where people could choose to receive Brushwoods rolled oats, groats or steel-cut oats on a regular basis. They’d make the one order and not have to worry about ever running out of oats, knowing they’d arrive regularly on their doorsteps.

So Moolah Digital decided to build out a simple landing page providing some information about the new subscription service with branding studio Your One & Only providing the beautiful illustrations and Wordified providing the copy. This then led to a custom coded page where customers would select how frequently they’d like to receive their oats and what types of oats they’d like to receive. Once customers had made their choices, they’d be sent to the cart and checkout pages to make payment.

Image of Brushwoods Australia "Oats on Subscription" web page which provides details about how the subscription service works.

Screenshot of Brushwoods Australia “Oats on Subscription” landing page which provides details on how the subscription service works.

Image of Brushwoods Australia "Oats on Subscription" selections page where a customer chooses how often they'd like to receive oats and what type of oats they'd like to receive.

Screenshot of Brushwoods Australia “Oats on Subscription” selections page where a customer chooses how frequently they’d like to receive their oats and what type of oats they’d like to receive.

The benefits of an online subscription service

From a business perspective? The first benefit is pretty obvious – recurring income. You know for a fact that you are going to have sales in 4, 5 or 6 months time. How much of a weight does that take off your shoulders? Having a subscription service also helps to anticipate how much stock you’ll need in future.

From a customer perspective? Well they don’t have to worry about when they’re going to run out of product, a feeling you don’t want to have when you’re down to your last toilet roll or cup of dog kibble. Customer experience doesn’t get any better than that! They know exactly when their goods will land on their doorstep and don’t have to worry about rushing to the store to grab something.

What types of businesses will benefit from an online subscription service?

Pretty much any business that sells a product that people need (or want) on a frequent basis will benefit from having an online subscription service. Think food (for both humans and pets), ready-made meals, beauty/cosmetic products, cleaning products, toys and alcohol.

Service-based businesses can also benefit from offering their services on a regular basis (for example, we worked with interior designer Hayward & Co. in 2020 to launch an online subscription where you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited access and interior design help/support by email). In fact having an online subscription service can be a great way to scale your business and serve new clients in locations you wouldn’t be able to get to if you only offered your services in-preson.

I’m interested in getting an online subscription service set-up for my business!

How exciting! At Moolah Digital we have worked with both product-based and service-based businesses to get them set-up with an online subscription model on their websites. 

If you feel that an online subscription service could benefit your business and you’d love to have a website that incorporates this feature then please go ahead and get in touch with us – we know for sure how beneficial this can be for sales.

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